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The college and university lifecycle is the focus of Acadmax Campus Solution. Acadmax will help you manage the entire student, teacher and employees lifecycle seamlessly from recruiting of student to admission, through student services and alumni relationship in a secure and stable environment. read more

Now more than ever, libraries are facing the challenges of escalating user expectations, a diverse and rapidly expanding information universe, and the demand for increased operational efficiencies. To meet these challenges, libraries require an infrastructure that enables them to continue offering their services in a constantly evolving environment. read more

In today s competitive education environment, building strong relationships from the beginning of the search and application process is essential. Acadmax Admission services enable your Admissions office to keep a clear focus on identifying and recruiting the best candidates for your institution Acadmax Recruiting and Admissions module captures details on prospective students to help you better plan, manage, and track your admissions and recruiting activities.

SurvMax is a survey and form software that allows you to create and deploy easily without any technical knowledge web based surveys to gather important feedback from your customers, employees or website visitors. Once you've gathered all this information Feedback Server provides you with powerful online reporting tools to analyze the results in real time allowing you to define and set new strategies for your product line or enterprise, turning knowledge into money. read more

Office automation software solutions don't require a large budget anymore. Although lots of alternatives to major solutions are available on the Internet, finding the right tool for your needs might be a complex process. Compared to many other collaboration software, WorkMax provides a unique solution: a feature-rich web based project manager software that remains simple and easy to use but yet powerful enough to address user requirements. Therefore, WorkMax can help you as much as a big league system would... And perhaps, even better. WorkMax is easy to work with compared to many other PM tools, which are often overkill for most organizations. More importantly directors and employees should spend more time managing the project rather creating them. Our strong "Help" section as well as our free customer service contributes to shorten the learning curve. WorkMax has no "bells and whistles", it has what we feel project managers and their teammates need, period. read more